Tri-ang Australian

Tri-ang Railways Moldex R.159A Double Ended Diesel

1960 - 61


Illustration used in the 1960/61 Australian Catalogue. The model shown is actually the UK version. Both the powered R159A and unpowered R250A versions were made, but because it was not used in sets during this period, the dummy loco. is rare.



R.159A Double Ended Diesel


This second version of the R.159A and R.250A made by Moldex more closely resembled the contemporary UK version, although the 1960 nose wings were still the VR version. Sometime in 1961 the nose wings changed to the UK version with the red TR badge in the centre. This version had eyelets fitted to the headlights and the side portholes. Fuel tanks were blue and the early models tend to be lighter in colour.

The only known variation in the models is the change to the UK version of the nose wing transfer sometime around 1961.


R.250A Dummy End


Information and photographs Graeme Brown