Tri-ang Australian

Victorian Railways Moldex R.159A Double Ended Diesel

1958 - 59


Illustration used in both the 1958 and 1959 Australian Catalogues.



R.159A Double Ended Diesel


The first version of the R.159A and R.250A made by Moldex in 1958-59 was lettered for the Victorian Railways and was fitted with VR nose insignia. Note that the headlight and the engine room portholes are not fitted with eyelets and the portholes are fitted with clear inserts. The nose wing transfers were usually not applied very well and it is rare to find a model with them intact.

No model variations are known. It is probable that a single large batch was made in 1958.

The colour scheme used is not prototypical, but is actually an early proposal for the real locomotives which was never used.


R.250A Dummy End


Information and photographs Graeme Brown