Tri-ang Australian

Moldex R.159A Double Ended Diesel

(R.250A Dummy)

1958 - 1967

Photographs of a Victorian Railways B Class diesel electric locomotive, which is believed to be the prototype of the Tri-ang model. Twenty-six of these Clyde-GM locomotives were built in Australia between 1952 and 1954


The nose transfer and the shades of blue plastic and yellow paint used by Moldex changed over the years. Left to right, 1965, 1962, 1960 and 1958 versions of the Moldex made R159A double ended diesel.




The 1958/59 Moldex models were made before the tooling was sent to New Zealand, where the 'Made in Australia' label was modified and had '& NZ' added. Moldex models from 1960 onwards had the modified label.



Close-ups of the cab area showing some of the the differences between the Aust./NZ tooling and the UK tooling. The UK models have a gap in the cab handrails to make lining easier and the lining is also narrower on the UK models. Also note the different dumbell shapes over the central bolster spring.


Information and photographs Graeme Brown