Canadian Sets

Below in the table is my original information on these Sets created before 2000.

A fellow member of the Train Collectors Society, Rolande Allen, has spent considerable time and effort researching these Sets and the subject of North American Tri-ang.

The results of his labours and on-going research can now be found on his Web Site at:

I highly recommend that you visit this wonderful addition to the Tri-ang collecting hobby/obsession, and I congratulate him on his efforts.

Early Set

Canadian Set

Canadian Set

CTS 1 Set


CTS3 Set

Set CTS 662R Set TS 675

Set TS 674




RSC.1 Set

RSC.2 Set RSX Set




R.1 Set

 R.2 Set

 R.3 Set


Set 900

Set 901

Set 902

Set 903





Set 904 

Set 905  

Set 906  

Set 909  





 Set 911

Set 915  

 Set 916   Set 917


Set 919

  Set 922  

Set 926

Set 927

Set 928

Freight Train

CP Rail


Unknown Canadian Set

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