Tri-ang Australian


Moldex Building and Lineside Accessories

Tri-ang Railways

1958 – 1967


A 1958 trade advertisement for the then new range of Australian made Tri-ang Railways showing the range of buildings.

Although of UK prototype, the Tri-ang 1st series buildings were vaguely similar to building styles used on some Australian railway systems.

When production began at Moldex in 1958, some of the UK made range of station buildings and lineside accessories were produced using duplicate tooling sent out from the UK. This tooling was later shared with New Zealand and was eventually transferred to New Zealand when Australian production ceased in 1967.

In later years some UK made parts were also repacked in Moldex boxes for the Australian market.




The major distinguishing feature of the buildings made by Moldex was the use of a yellow chimney moulding. As shown in the photograph, this was different to the UK made chimney and was probably moulded with the other yellow parts.




Australian made buildings were moulded in lighter shades of yellow and grey than UK models and the building walls were maroon, rather than brown. The photograph illustrates the differences between an Australian and a UK signal box.