Tri-ang Australian


R26 Coach & R27 Vista Dome Coach

Red/Yellow TransAustralia

1964 - 1967


Illustration of the red/yellow R26 used in the 1964 - 67 Australian Catalogues.



R26 Coach TransAustralia.



R26 Coach TransAustralia. Later version with silver roof.



R27 Vista Dome Coach TransAustralia. Later version with plain red dome seating.


These models were used only in the 1964 65 RS21 set and the 1966-67 R4B set with the red Australian Princess Royal locomotive. They were not available separately. The sets usually had two R26 coaches, but they can sometimes be found with an R26 coach and an R27 Vista Dome Coach.

Some later models of the coach can be found with silver painted roofs.  These are blue mouldings from the blue and yellow R26 and were possibly used when the grey roof mouldings ran out towards the end of production in 1967. The vista dome seating is in the standard red/yellow/green colours on early models, but later models had plain red seating, like the later blue/yellow vista dome models.


Information and photographs Graeme Brown