Tri-ang Australian

R26 Coach & R27 Vista Dome Coach

Blue/Yellow TransAustralia

1962 - 1967



Illustration of R26 and R27 used in the 1964 Australian Catalogue.



R26 Coach TransAustralia.



R26 Coach TransAustralia. Rare version with grey roof.



R27 Vista Dome Coach TransAustralia. Later version with plain red dome seating.


These models replaced the R26 and R27 Tri-ang Railways models and were used in the R4D sets of 1962-67. Early R4D sets contained an R26 and an R27, but some 1964 sets contained two R26 coaches and the 1965 67 R4D sets contained three R26 coaches. Both R26 and R27 models were available separately during the period from 1962 to 1967.

Some rare models can be found with grey roofs.  The vista dome seating is in the standard red/yellow/green colours on early models, but later models had plain red seating.


Information and photographs Graeme Brown