Tri-ang Australian


R26A Coach & R27A Vista Dome Coach

R421 Buffet Car

Tri-ang Railways

1960 - 1961



Illustration of R26A and R27A used in the 1960/61 Australian Catalogue.



R26A Coach Tri-ang Railways



R27A Vista Dome Coach Tri-ang Railways



R421 Buffet Car


These models were used in the R3FA set of 1960-61 and the R3MA set of 1961 along with a black Australian Princess locomotive. The R421 Buffet Car was not used in sets, but was available separately, as were the R26A and R27A.

The body colour varies from bright silver to pale grey and the vista dome seating is in the standard red/yellow/green colours. The Buffet Car interior is from the UK made Pullman carriages, but the red table lamp mouldings were only used in Australian made carriages.



The R26A and R27A were listed in the 1962 Australian catalogue and pricelist as being available in TransAustralia livery, but it is probable that these were never made and the models sold in 1962 were remaining stock of 1960-61 models. The model shown is a touched up photograph of a UK model. The R26A and R27A were deleted from the 1963 catalogue and pricelist.


Information and photographs Graeme Brown