Tri-ang Australian Sets

RS.20 Set




This set was introduced in 1964 and remained in the Moldex catalogue until 1967, although it was recoded to R4A in 1966.


This is an early version packed in a leftover R3RA/R3VA box, probably in 1964. The use of a box from a Series 3 track set has resulted in 16 R484 small radius curves being supplied, rather than the more normal 8 R483 double curves.



This is a later set packed in a box with the styrofoam insert used by Moldex from 1965 to 1967. This set is coded RS20 so probably dates to 1965. The set was recoded to R4A in 1966 and 1967. This set still has 16 R484 curves, rather than R483 double curves, which were usually supplied with the later R4A sets.



Information and photographs courtesy Graeme Brown