Tri-ang Australian Sets

R3FA Set


R3FA. The R3FA dates from 1960/61 and replaced the 1959 R3F, which had a different colour scheme for the coaches. The illustration of this set in the 1960-61 Australian catalogue was later used on the cover of the 1962-63 Australian catalogue and the 'map' lid boxes used by Moldex in the late 1960's. 





This is the 1961 version of the Moldex R3FA set. The locomotive is fitted with Magnadhesion, the later style of valve gear and a chassis that can be fitted with a Suethe smoke unit. Otherwise identical to the 1960 R3FA, the set was also available with a smoke fitted loco, as the R3MA.


The sticker on the box below the oil bottle draws attention to the locomotive being suitable for fitting with the R520 smoke unit.




Information and photographs courtesy Graeme Brown