Tri-ang Australian


Moldex R53/R53S Green Princess Elizabeth Locomotive

and R31 Tender

Tri-ang Railways

1962 – 1963




This illustration was used in the 1962-62 Australian Catalogue, although the models shown are UK versions.



This model was introduced in 1962 as the deluxe version of the Australian Princess with valve gear, ‘Magnadhesion’ and the option of a Suethe smoke unit. The cabside and tender lining used UK made transfers designed for the UK model, which did not properly fit the shape of the Australian made tender. Unlike the UK version, the cylinders were not lined.

This is probably the rarest version of the Australian made Princesses. It was available separately in 1962 – 63 and according to the catalogue and price list it was used in the R4W presentation set which was available only in 1962. An example of this set has not been sighted, so it is not known if it was ever made.



Information and photographs Graeme Brown