Tri-ang Australian


Moldex R256A Clockwork Locomotive

1959 – 1963


This illustration was used in the 1959 Australian Catalogue, although the model shown is a UK made R154, with MkIIA couplers and BR markings. The Moldex models were given TC markings.


This illustration is from the 1960-61 Australian Catalogue. The model shown is actually a UK model.


 This red model is the most common version of the Moldex R256A. Apart from the holes drilled for the clockwork mechanism, the body is otherwise identical to the red version of the electric R152A. The model has die cast wheels so it dates to the 1959-61 period.


 This illustration of the R152A and R256A is from the 1962-63 Australian Catalogue. The models shown are UK made models.


This is the later version of the red R265A, dating from the 1962-63 period. The clockwork mechanism is fitted with sintered iron wheels also used at that time on the 0-6-0 electric chassis.


 This is a rare green version of the Moldex R265A, that is not documented in the Australian catalogues and price lists. It has the later style of clockwork mechanism, which dates it to the 1962-63 period.


Information and photographs Graeme Brown